(…) outstanding conductor may be eligible to be on the other side is not good which it is the same as the ability of other professional personal in general. This is the origin of the need guess conductor shift with the chief conductor. Maestro Alfonso Scarano is very prominent. He is a remarkable especially regulation system, the strict discipline played an important part. And this could be the one that makes them lack something (or not lack) some of artistry to it. There is a gentle, soft, creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Also, the musical imagination and ideas flow freely from the members orchestra. But that was probably because he was a guest conductor invited to come only a few times a year. He must act in accordance with the terms of the framework of time and opportunities have been limited. That caused him to “problem solving” step by step with the orchestra by start from adjusting the discipline, how to play the most clear. Before stepping into the world of imagination and interpretation in the next level. But if he gets the chance to be as a chief conductor and have more time with the orchestra we may see how he think, how many of them work more than it is (…) Bovonpong Supasopol